Start-up Support: We will provide counsel on the choice of office location, signage, leases, equipment, furnishings and advertising.


Once you become a part of the Flat Rate family, you will receive personal training in all the particulars of running a successful real estate business the Flat Rate way.


Flat Rate Realty has honed to a sharp edge the use of internet technology and the ability to run your office from any remote location. Marketing is one of the absolutely essential elements to success in our system and we will show you what works and what does not.


Our world class website development provides each office with state of the art search capability, the means to list properties, and wow your buyers and sellers with sharp, eye catching graphics. We believe that these new websites are the best looking and functioning sites available today. Your office website will literally stand out from your competition! View a sample office website here.

Consultation and Communication

You are not alone in the Flat Rate family. Through our corporate office you will always have ongoing advice and support and as regions open up, regional associations will be developed to allow franchisees to combine their efforts in marketing and community outreach.

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