The Flat Rate Realty Concept

Flat Rate Realty is leading the real estate revolution. Gone are the high percentage buyer and seller commission rates. Instead, Flat Rate Realty charges as little as 1% to list a home in the MLS, and offers home-buyers cash rebate’s on the buyer’s agent commission at closing. Buyers get the option to find the home of their dreams online in a non-pressure environment while we take care of all the rest. Sellers enjoy the low listing rates and the Flat Rate, full service, Real Estate experience.

Flat Rate Realty will handle all our clients concerns with our industry expertise and positive attitude. Our clients have a real opportunity to be involved in the buying and selling process. But, of course the Flat Rate Realty agents still do all the traditional work of a real estate agent. We negotiate price and terms, help arrange for financing, coordinate inspections, and make sure the transaction goes through all the steps to a satisfactory closing.

  • Forward Thinking

    The days of high percentage rates are over and Flat Rate is leading the way. Contact us today we are standing by.
  • Quality Assurance

    Experience counts and Professionalism seals the deal. We are in this to change the Real Estate Industry.
  • Personal Touch

    We believe that every franchisee is a member of the family. When you join you will be a part of something special.
  • Customer Support

    Support means simply that; when the load is to heavy we are there to help 24hrs a day. You are never alone as a buyer or seller.

What makes Flat Rate Realty unique in the realm of discount Brokerage is our quality reputation showcased by our quality image. Flat Rate really is first class from our truly artful signs and logos to the MLS® listing and our Full Service agents. We give our clients more for their money. More in fact, that any other discount real estate broker today. Outstanding service and value for you money make buying or selling a home with Flat Rate Realty a truly rewarding experience.

Our Method
We have traced our steps repeatedly, refined and redefined the product, and analyzed all of the details. The groundwork has been very carefully laid to make our method of marketing and attracting clients and listings simple and effective for a perfect home selling or buying experience at incredibly reasonable fees every time. The result is that the customer will at once recognize and appreciate the quality, consistency and convenience associated with hiring FLAT RATE REALTY® for all their housing and property investment needs.
Our Misson
The cornerstone of the FLAT RATE REALTY® business philosophy is to bring to the real estate industry premium customer service at discount prices, providing the smart consumer with an opportunity to sell their property and have a top-quality service, while saving thousands of dollars when compared to the standard commission structures of other realty businesses.
Our Promise
When FLAT RATE REALTY® puts its name on something, that tells the customer and the employee that they are going to experience a refreshing and positive approach to real estate buying and selling. When your clients learn what you have to offer them and the amount of money they will save using your services instead of your competition's, they will happily give you their business now and in the future. Not only that, but you will begin to receive referral business from satisfied clients who have "done the math" and know that FLAT RATE REALTY® is the best way to approach the real estate market. Our office and marketing structure and staffing concepts will allow you to make a substantial income while saving your clients money, a win-win situation.

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